Tuesday, 26 June 2012

More on the trees
    Been a few weeks since last post. Better get back into it. After a bit of consultation we have decided that the new trees need to be on bases.....had nothing to do with the fact the bloody things are top heavy and dive to the ground at the slightest provication !! As we use a template for the area of the woods e.g. Felt, MDF or a hill (the dreaded wooded hill), we figure we can base them in twos and threes with the odd single and just move them around the wood as your troops move through.......It came to us in a dream, honest !!! 

Ready for base texture.

Still about fifty or so left in the bag !

Thought would give it a go..managed to flick a chunk of
it in my eye when I opened it..Yep its got rocks in it all right !
    We have decided to forgo games this friday night and get stuck into finishing them off. Well not completly forgo, I got a copy of angels 20 this week. So there may be a few shots fired in anger. Anyway i have made some inroads into the prep, so hopefully I can kick back a bit while the boys do some catching up on friday. ...lol  

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