Sunday, 27 May 2012

                              1750pts Canadian vs Hungarian, Fair Fight

    After some hard fighting the 1st Battalion Princess Patricias' Canadian Light Infantry where withdrawn from the Somerset area of operations, barley escaping encirclement. The Battalion has moved into the Gloucester area to help halt the German push and maybe relieve the somerset pocket.
    The Battalion deployed to an area of farmland and rolling hills to prepare defencive positions. Maj McKinley's B Company were sent to provide security for some of the Battalions A/T guns and P Bty 14th RCA, as they moved into the area. At the same time Maj McKinley took the opportunity to do a first hand recce of the area, and a spot of grouse shooting with Capt Doyle his 2IC.

                                                        The quiet English country side.
     At that point Maj McKinley heard the rumble of tank engines and the clank of tracks....Hungarian tanks ! The Hungarian's had made a breakthrough and in true Germanic style had pushed all they could manage into the breach in our lines. Immediately Maj McKinley sent runners with orders to 1 troop, P Bty  and his 1st Pltn on his left flank to prepare for offensive operations. On the right flank a Pltn of 6 pdr A/T had been deploying into a wood to cover the cross road, surely a vital location on this soon to be battlefield. Just then, with all the timing of the old cowboy cavalry B troop, 2 Squadron of the Fort Gary Horse rolled onto the right flank.. With this small force he hunkered down with Capt Doyle to face the coming storm, and hope reinforcements could reach them in time !

                                                  Old friends from the Fort Gary Horse.
    The Hungarians deployed a 149mm Bty on the left flank and attempted to dig them in without much success. In the centre three panthers advanced toward Maj McKinleys' position. Unperturbed he continued to organise his defences and position. It was going to take careful timing but his boys had dealt with these beasts before besides, the RAF had promised some Tiffys if things got too hot.
The ground around the panthers erupted, announcing the entry of 1 trp to the battle. On the right B trp FGH sped forward with the intent to cut across behind the advancing Hungarians and cut them off from follow on forces. The infantry of 1st Plt advance down the left flank to close on the Hungarian Bty.
                                                     The FGH scooting down the right.
A few 149mm rounds splash down amongst the gunners of 1 Trp but it would take more than this to stop the "trail apes" from servicing the guns. The panthers continued to bear down on Maj McKinley's position, spraying the area with MG fire. Maybe over confident at coming through the bombardment of 1 Trp untouched they advanced too far unsupported and had exposed their flanks to the troops on the right. An A/T gunner in the woods saw this opportunity and squeezed off an optimistic round at them, which missed well wide. Much to the jeers of his comrades. B Trp FGH also saw this chance to brew a panther or two. Two tanks slewed left and opened fire at the panthers flanks, destroying one and forcing the crew to bail out of a second. As fortune would have it a pair of Tiffys were lurking around. The smoke from the brewed panther attracted their attention. Swooping out of the sky like giant birds of prey they let loose a salvo of rockets, obliterating the bailed panther. The remaining tank thought better of his location and promptly left the field of battle. Maj McKinley promised the pilots a bottle of the finest brandy for their help...
                                                 The panthers closing on Maj McKinley.
                                                   The results of the FGH and Tiffys.
    A lone turan II led two nimrod AA tanks in a gallant attack on B Trp FGH on the right flank as a Plt of zrinyi assault guns arrived and made their way at best speed to help. It was to no avail, as the tanks of B Trp made short work of this lone turan warrior and one of the nimrods. The other nimrod made his escape from the field of battle amongst the smoke of his burning comrades. The 1st Plt infantry continued to close on the Hungarian Bty through the orchard on the left. A sniper had managed to infiltrate to the rise in front of the Bty and was making life uncomfortable for the Hungarian gunners. A Trp FGH arrived at this time on the left flank  and prepared to advance to support 1st Plt.
                                                 The sniper team engaging the gunners.
                                                                 Death of a warrior.
    B Trp FGH have little time to dwell on thier success down the right as they come under heavy fire from the 149mm Bty and zrinyi Plt. This maelstrom of fire leaves only the firefly alive, who promptly decides this is no longer the place to be and retreats. Unexpectedly the Luftwaffe make an appearance and engage the 6pdr Plt that had mounted and advanced to support B Trp FGH. Following this attack the A/T guns dismount again only to be engaged by the advancing zrinyis. The power of the 105mm guns is to much for the flimsy gun shields and they destroy the A/T Plt nearly to a man.
1st Plt push forward on the left to engage the 149mm Bty and are engaged by the Hungarian CO's turan II. Thinking better of the hopes of glory they stay in the relative safety of the orchard. A Plt of Hungarian infantry and three turan II arrive in the wood to the front of 1st Plt. Only to be bombarded by P Bty RCA, whose second Trp had arrived and deployed with 1 Trp. A second 6pdr Plt arrived on the right and engaged the zrinyis, destroying two of them and breaking the fighting spirit of the last.

                                                                 The fate of B Trp.
                                            1st Plt bravely holding position in the orchard.
    The 6pdr Plt push down the right flank to achieve the objective of cutting the advance off. The combined fire of P Bty, 1st Plt and A Trp FGH finish the 149mm Bty and turan II Plt. I a desperate effort to keep their attack going the Hungarian infantry charge out of the woods only to be gunned down by the MGs of B Trp's Sherman's. A last ditch effort of a lone Stuka to stop the A/T Plt destroys the commanders carrier but fails to stop them setting up in a position to bring an end to this Hungarian attack.
B Trp FGH taking the surrender of the Hungarian infantry commander.

    After a hard fight B Company, 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry have managed to halt the Hungarian armoured thrust. Unfortunately once again the tankers of the Fort Gary Horse have paid a heavy price for the sterling support they provided. Doubts are starting to rise about the armour protection offered by their American designed mounts. Alas there is little other suitable vehicle available at this time. Again B Company have shown their mettle in the face of the enemy and done their Battalion and King proud.......

Canadian 5 - 2 victory 

Friday, 18 May 2012

                1750pts Canadian vs German, Surrounded
    This was decoded from scratchy radio transmissions from 1st Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in the Somerset area of operations.

    The Battalion had been taking part in offensive operations in the area to attempt the recapture or at the least, isolation of the german beach heads in the south west. After a promising start to operations, the 1PPCLI found itself overextended and isolated after successful german local counter attacks. 1PPCLI was at risk of being surounded and cut off from the rest of the division. Lt Col Anderson detached Maj McKinley's Bravo Company with tank support from the Fort Gary Horse and P and Q Battery 14th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, with orders to hold a corridor until reinforcement or a withdrawl could be organised.

                                          Airial photo of corridor taken from the south.

    Maj Mckinley quickly organised his force and dug in to defend the vital corridor from the inevitable german attack. And they didn't have to wait long. As a platoon of english churchil crocidile tanks arrived to bolster the defenses, the german onslaught began. It was a mechinised company from the SS wiking division that led the german attempt to close this tenuous corridor and cut the "Princess Pats" off. A hummel battery pummeled the north of the corridor but fortunatley the Pats had dug in well and only took a half section of casualties. The tankers from the Fort Gary Horse where not so fortunate. Four panthers supported by grenadiers advanced from the East. Engaging the shermans from long range, they destroyed two of them with ease. (poor tankers never knew what hit them)
    The crocidiles lumbered to the east and managed to brew one of the panthers with a flank shot while they were busy with the shermans. To the Pats delight the RAF weighed into the fight, launching a rocket attack on the Hummel battery destroying one and the single 88 that was passing through the gun position at the time.

    At this point the panthers and grenadiers advanced on the northern battery, bringing it under intense fire, destroying two 25pdrs and supressing everyone in the area. To the west the hummel battery decided to vacate thier recently straifed position and advance on the Pats northern battery as well. A remarkably well placed round from a moving hummel at a concealed firefly found its mark! The round plunged through the engine deck and all but disassembled the firefly. The lone platoon commander returned fire destroying one of the hummels (some retribution at least)
    An artillery bombardment that had engaged the panthers with little effect was repeated. This time with Regimental support and managed to catch the advancing grenadiers in the open, inflicting severe casualties. This finished them as a fighting force and they withdrew from the field of battle. Again the crocidiles attempted to work around the flanks of the panthers, with a little success. Only to see thier rounds ricochet off the beasts "thin" flank armour! The combined efforts of an elite marksman and the vickers machine guns in the centre of the corridor kept the grenadier platoon in the west from advancing much past thier jump off point.
                                            Marksman in foreground engaging grenadiers
    Again the last remaining hummel relocates...and again with a snap shot on the move he hits and destroys the last sherman, the Fort Gary Horse are no more...(sniper with a hummel, I am a little worried about that!) The panthers surge forward, stripped of thier infantry support they are determined to cut through the 25lbr troop and infantry holding the north. They pin the defenders with cannon and MG fire and move to assault. A lone infantryman with his PIAT rises up from his fox hole and destroys the lead panther. The 25lbr troop firing in support manages disuade the remaining panthers from pushing home the attack. Almost immediately the gunners swung thier ordinance around on thier turntables to engage and destroy the dreaded "sniper" hummel. The RAF made another pass but was unsucessful this time.
    In desperation the two remaining panthers surged forward again, determined to crush all before them.....Again the lone PIAT gunner felled one of the beasts with a well placed round to the turret ring. Undetered the panther commander attempted to crush the men in the forward pits but was unsuccessful. Seeing his opportunity the gallant PIAT gunner broke from the cover of his hole and calmley dispatched his third panther of the day....
                                        the first panther assault, PIAT man just at left of shot
    Coming under a withering fire from a whole vickers platoon and close attention from circling typhoons the remaining grenadier platoon withdrew to the west, dragging casualties and thier hopes of cutting off 1PPCLI. We are of now awaiting word on plans to exploit this hard fought victory. Maj Mckinley has also recomended Pvt C. Hope (PIAT operator) be mentioned in dispatches and possibly for a medal. For now Bravo company will restock with amunition and improve its positions.
                                                A 5 - 2 VICTORY TO THE ALLIES

                                 crocidiles watching thier rounds bounce of the panthers' flanks

                                                                 THE END

Thursday, 17 May 2012

    First battle in Sealion tomorrow. Running Canadians, 1st Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Still facing those pesky Wiking mob. The Russians have withdrawn thier support from our sector but a hardy group of Romainians have stepped up to fill the void. Still using thier german supplied equipment, there is some doubts as to wether they come cut it on the big stage of combat in England.....only time will tell I suppose ! 

Monday, 14 May 2012

    Have signed up to the "operation sealion" campainge on WWPD with our group. First rounds will be fired friday night. My british army will be defending our part of the home ilse's with the help of a gun happy contingent of russians. Its looking like our opposition will be from the ranks of SS Wiking division. Me thinks I smell the faint musk of car wee ??? Panther ? or maybe Tiger ? Guess we we will know friday night.
    I will be doing a battle report for WWPD, which I will post here. Its my first effort at it, so if its a bit crappy sorry. Hopefully they will get better. Had two warm up games last friday. Got carried away and completly forgot to take notes past turn one to do a report and took the camera to the club but left the battery for it in the charger on the kitchen bench. Will do better this week ! On the plus side I did win both games :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

   Strangely enough the first real thing up is Napoleonics....Just arrived in the post, my new British foot and horse artillery batteries from Napoleon At War. These guys are 18mm and come boxed very similar to Flames of War box sets. (somones taking lessons methinks)
   The figures have a good amount of detail, which is very pronounced. Should paint up nicely. They fit reasonably well with AB 15mm figures, they just look a little better fed. Hieght wise there is not much in it. Side by side you can see it but based in units I dont think you would notice.
   As a plus in a three gun battery they give you four gun carrages, so you can have one on your limber as well.(nice touch) There is four 9lb barrels, four 6lb barrels and two howitzer barrels in the box. So you can make up any battery type you need, with barrels to spare for those extra gun carrages you have lying know you do !
   On the back of the box there is a handy little paint colour guide for what you need to paint with and a picture of one of the gunners to give you an idea of where the colours go. A nice idea for people new to Napoleonics but hardly a comprehensive painting
   Napoleon At War is probably as close as you can come to Flames of War for Napoleonics without getting sued. The marketing, scenarios and even the rules will feel vaguely familiar to any FOW gamer. Having only had the chance to play one game so far. I am undecided wether its a success. We did have fun and a few laughs but also found a few holes in the rules. They do have a forum, ala Flames of War. So we might be able to find some answers/errata there. Will see how the next game of it goes. Has promise to become our set Napoleonic rules of choice but FOG Napoleonics is on the way soon and will have to see ?
Ta Dah !! First post is up...
    This blog will "hopefully" be where I can share the joys of my smashing victories and bemoan those occasional crushing defeats :( .With some pics, so anyone interested can ride the highs and chuckle at the lows.
   Mostly this will be on Flames of War, as this is currently our groups game of choice. However we do play Napoleonics and Full Thrust among other things, just not as often as we would like. I will also put on here painting progress and anything thing I find remotely be warned !  Apparently I'm not very funny and have an unusual sense of humour.
   Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.....please be nice ;)