Monday, 27 April 2015

Have fallen into planetfall to go along with Firestorm Armada. Had to continue with the Directorate as my force. Here is a little of the progress so far.

Early base colour and masking.

Followed by more masking....Now I remember why this paint scheme shit me when I did my fleet !

Finally......onto detailing from here.

And a wash,

Final result...looks ok to me. Just needs ??

Some ridiculous details. :)

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Gruntz armour support

Have been working on turning some matchbox Strykers into some armour support for my 15mm Gruntz force. I picked a couple up from Target for $9 each, a bargain. They aren't a bad looking model. A couple of minor faults that are easily covered up or ignored..
Glued the moving parts down and used the top hatch to make a radar, it is in the future after all. My dust pan brush kindly sacrificed some bristles for the whip antennae.
Give them a quick base coat of dark grey then laid on some diamond stripes with Tamiya masking tape. Then a coat of black green and some more masking. Finally coat of neutral grey...Then time to peel the masking tape off to leave behind a spiffy cam job ??
Washed with straight from the pot GW black oil or what ever its called these days...and a quick drybrush with london grey and a hit with grey tamiya weathering powder. 
Yep...Happy with that so far.
Picked out the tyres in black and cut some MDF bases for them...Tended to roll away. Can't have that in a game, give new meaning to tabletop "Shoot & Scoot"..
A bit of texture on the bases and some weathering to try and match the base...a couple of tufts and "Ta Da"
Happy with the result. Now I have to do the third one which I got later so that it matches these two..
Can't wait to crush some Gruntz under these babies. :)

Saturday, 30 March 2013

    I'm back ! Long ,long , long absence from the blog..... Understatement I must say. In this time there has been a subtle shift in the game play dynamic in our gaming group. To the wayside has fallen Flames of War, much to the chagrin of our youngest member. Only to be replaced by Battle Group Kursk. There goes my substantial investment in a Hungarian army! At least when they bring out Battle Group Normandy, my poms will still have a place to fight !
    Unfortunately , myself and co-conspirator, have done the typical gamer trick... That's right. We changed gaming systems, which involves re basing , extra figures... the usual rigmarole.... Then let another system / period / figure scale capture our imagination..not hard to do, as we are gaming whores after all ! Again upsetting the padawan of the group, who has an income that is substantially lower than the "whores".
    The cause of this mess.... Firestorm Armada. Yep that's right, space ships. Beam me up scotty ! Now it not like we don't already have at our disposal several Full Thrust fleets... But have you seen the the figures from FSA ? They are awesome !

    See ! And to top it off they are also huge...
      The games and figures are from Spartan Games. That's right, the guys who do Dystopian Wars. They are made of the same resin and cast quality as the DW gear, which is brilliant. The rules would be familiar to anyone who has played other Spartan games rules....apparently ! I've not actually played any, but that's what I've heard. At the first read through they seem simple enough, yet with enough good / familiar game systems to convince us to give them the run over Full thrust. we liked the idea of less prep time and no order writing each turn... What can I say ? We may be becoming lazy gamers.... or just getting time poor and want to get more games done in our one evening a week of freedom to take over the country/world/galaxy...
    Needless to say there are two substantial starter fleets + extras already in the post, so we are committed to the course. I went for a Sorylian fleet...because I loved the look of the ships. What better reason is there ? Fridgey went down the RSN path. Their ships resemble the Macros saga ships from the cartoons in our long distant youth..... Basically he picked his fleet the same way I did.... He like the look of the ships. All highly

    That's about it for now. Will drop some pics when the fleet arrives.. Until then may your dice roll high and your paint not chip !      And if anyone one in the Adelaide S.A. area reads this who plays Firestorm, shoot us a comment . Would be happy to catch up for some death amongst the stairs !

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Planes and some more planes
    Long break between posts....Even longer between painting. With the wife being down for servicing (read surgery) have not had much time to do much painting. Our group (well the three of us) have decided to do a Battle of Britain campainge using Bag the hun rules and Finest hour rules from Too Fat Lardies. Being overly ambitious gamers, like most of us are. We are going to start at the begining of the battle and fight every day through to the end with our squadrons...Insane I hear you all say. Not really. The idea is that we will play each day as a mission for each of our squadrons and just keep track of results, this way we have a fall back game when Flames of War gets too much. Obviously this may take some time to finish but the beauty is that others can drop in or out as we go along.

    As a celebration of this new venture we went and splurged on some new you do. Went with the Tumbling dice 1/600 range. Nice amount of detail for such a small figure. Small storage requirments (easy to hide from wife) and reasonably quick to paint. And not to mention, cheap :). We rolled up the missions for our first sorties so we could get a start on the painting with the priority on what we needed first. Lucky for me my first mission is bouncing some bombers escorted by some me110's. Easy meat for my Spitfires. So I got stuck in and got some painting done before the wife went into hospital and everything ground to a halt. here's some pics of the handywork so far.....

Spitfires with a trial wash.

ME110's with a wash and decals. 

Does that plane have teeth ? Surely not...

Yep, they certainly do...kind of.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Flight Stand Conundrum.....

    After patiently making a hex hand. It is time to look at the flight stands. We have decided to have variable height stands. I admit to being a pain about this as I hate playing flight games that use altitude, only to have your beautifully (ok in my case suitably) painted aircraft stalked across the sky by what could easily be mistaken as a Borg invasion fleet ! The old tracking of altitude by dice. I feel it clutters up your game space and detracts from the look of the miniatures on the table. After all they are the reason we play with figures, is it not. Otherwise you might as well just play the board game version of your choice.
    Another reason that I like variable height stands is that at a glance you can see the relative altitudes of everyone....making that all important decision to split s down onto the tail of that recon plane or immellmen up and back to face that vic of incoming spitfires a little easier. At least for me anyway. You dont need to poke your nose around checking every ones dice/ markers to see their altitude, its right there in plane (excuse the pun) sight..

    Now the initial plan was to use some 5mm acrylic rod, cut into 1.5cm lengths. Then drill the centres and glue in some smaller diameter brass rod into the top of each length. So we should get each section that plugs into the next, giving you a variable altitude stand. On the top piece you stick a small tack and glue a small rare earth magnet to the bottom of your plane. This allows you to use different planes with the stands so you don't need one for every plane in your collection....and takes away the dreaded wrong polarity between different planes that I must admit to being prone to do, even with the turrets of my FOW tanks !!! :(  This was the plan anyway. When the acrylic rod showed up in the post, it was exactly rod. Not the ten that were ordered. Then trying to cut the bloody stuff so that it is a parallel cut and doesn't melt or take forever to do....

    So a little frustrated and brooding in my you do. I had a spark of an idea. As I had two different sizes of brass rod, I figured I could knock up something to at least satisfy my need to have made some progress.

The ingredients...sometimes simple is the best.

    All I used was two different size brass tubes, one just small enough to fit snug in the other. A base of some kind, in my case some round acrylic pieces I had laying around. And something metal for on top so the magnet holds to it, I used an upholstery tack. First thing was to cut the tube to length. Easier to cut them with one inside the other, then at least they are the same length. Pop the small one out and then score the side of it to mark the desired altitudes and glues the tack on top. Then I drilled a hole in the base and put the larger brass tube in it. With a pair of pliers, gently crimp the top of the base tube. This will make it a tight fit when you insert the smaller tube and hold it a the height you desire. Then slide your small tube in and plonk a plane on top...Ta Da ! A variable height altitude stand...
The finished product.

A demonstration of formation flying.....I know they're not painted. New scale, give me time !

Break right !

    All in all I'm pretty chuffed with how these came out...Not bad for about half hours work. On the down side I don't think I could paint them to tone down the brass. Any paint would rub of the inside one with the movement but can live with that for now I think.
    And to make them look better here is some painted planes on them....

Beware the hun in the sun !

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The pain of hex games....

Have recently purchased "Bag the Hun" WW2 plane rules from toofatlardies to replace our miniature warbirds rules . Needed something so we could play larger dogfights/bomber attack games , quicker. Also have decided to go to 1/600 planes from 1/300 (whats that ? a lame excuse to buy more minis !  Why I never :p ) Only problem is with the change in rules, is a change in hex speed of the aircraft. On average its doubled, meaning our existing home sprayed hex board has become a little....small.

So it falls to me to remedy this situation. After a long stroll through the net for ideas, short of buying a hex mat/board. Unfortunately not an option at this time. I end up with the plan of using a plastic grid used for cross stitching to make the hexes on MDF board than rule in the lines later ....seemed like a great idea ! Marked out the hexes on my "template", bit of a fidgety job but not too hard. Then started marking onto the MDF. Made the mistake of doing this on the floor ! If you try this method....DONT !

After a while I had made a bit of progress.

I should have left them as dotted hexes but no, I decided I would fill in the lines....Thus successfully turning a good quick solution into two painstaking nights of dots and lines that left me wondering why I didn't just order a hotz mat online and take the heat from the wife when it showed up a month later ?

Well at least now they are finished. Only problem is they are raw MDF and will need to be flocked or something eventually. Will jump that hurdle later , me thinks. Maybe drill the points in and just paint and flock, leaving the hex outlines to show through ? They get their first trial run tomorrow night. Run the 1/300 hundreds for the last couple of times, until the new babies show up. Might even throw up a quick post on the game.

Hindsight observation....Should have used my template to mark on some thin MDF or acrylic and then drilled out the holes to make another template. Then just use my airbrush to spray the grid on..if I need to do more, that's what I'll be doing and advise anyone else to do the same.....or buy a bloody mat.....its a damn sight

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

More on the trees
    Been a few weeks since last post. Better get back into it. After a bit of consultation we have decided that the new trees need to be on bases.....had nothing to do with the fact the bloody things are top heavy and dive to the ground at the slightest provication !! As we use a template for the area of the woods e.g. Felt, MDF or a hill (the dreaded wooded hill), we figure we can base them in twos and threes with the odd single and just move them around the wood as your troops move through.......It came to us in a dream, honest !!! 

Ready for base texture.

Still about fifty or so left in the bag !

Thought would give it a go..managed to flick a chunk of
it in my eye when I opened it..Yep its got rocks in it all right !
    We have decided to forgo games this friday night and get stuck into finishing them off. Well not completly forgo, I got a copy of angels 20 this week. So there may be a few shots fired in anger. Anyway i have made some inroads into the prep, so hopefully I can kick back a bit while the boys do some catching up on friday.