Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Planes and some more planes
    Long break between posts....Even longer between painting. With the wife being down for servicing (read surgery) have not had much time to do much painting. Our group (well the three of us) have decided to do a Battle of Britain campainge using Bag the hun rules and Finest hour rules from Too Fat Lardies. Being overly ambitious gamers, like most of us are. We are going to start at the begining of the battle and fight every day through to the end with our squadrons...Insane I hear you all say. Not really. The idea is that we will play each day as a mission for each of our squadrons and just keep track of results, this way we have a fall back game when Flames of War gets too much. Obviously this may take some time to finish but the beauty is that others can drop in or out as we go along.

    As a celebration of this new venture we went and splurged on some new you do. Went with the Tumbling dice 1/600 range. Nice amount of detail for such a small figure. Small storage requirments (easy to hide from wife) and reasonably quick to paint. And not to mention, cheap :). We rolled up the missions for our first sorties so we could get a start on the painting with the priority on what we needed first. Lucky for me my first mission is bouncing some bombers escorted by some me110's. Easy meat for my Spitfires. So I got stuck in and got some painting done before the wife went into hospital and everything ground to a halt. here's some pics of the handywork so far.....

Spitfires with a trial wash.

ME110's with a wash and decals. 

Does that plane have teeth ? Surely not...

Yep, they certainly do...kind of.

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