Saturday, 30 March 2013

    I'm back ! Long ,long , long absence from the blog..... Understatement I must say. In this time there has been a subtle shift in the game play dynamic in our gaming group. To the wayside has fallen Flames of War, much to the chagrin of our youngest member. Only to be replaced by Battle Group Kursk. There goes my substantial investment in a Hungarian army! At least when they bring out Battle Group Normandy, my poms will still have a place to fight !
    Unfortunately , myself and co-conspirator, have done the typical gamer trick... That's right. We changed gaming systems, which involves re basing , extra figures... the usual rigmarole.... Then let another system / period / figure scale capture our imagination..not hard to do, as we are gaming whores after all ! Again upsetting the padawan of the group, who has an income that is substantially lower than the "whores".
    The cause of this mess.... Firestorm Armada. Yep that's right, space ships. Beam me up scotty ! Now it not like we don't already have at our disposal several Full Thrust fleets... But have you seen the the figures from FSA ? They are awesome !

    See ! And to top it off they are also huge...
      The games and figures are from Spartan Games. That's right, the guys who do Dystopian Wars. They are made of the same resin and cast quality as the DW gear, which is brilliant. The rules would be familiar to anyone who has played other Spartan games rules....apparently ! I've not actually played any, but that's what I've heard. At the first read through they seem simple enough, yet with enough good / familiar game systems to convince us to give them the run over Full thrust. we liked the idea of less prep time and no order writing each turn... What can I say ? We may be becoming lazy gamers.... or just getting time poor and want to get more games done in our one evening a week of freedom to take over the country/world/galaxy...
    Needless to say there are two substantial starter fleets + extras already in the post, so we are committed to the course. I went for a Sorylian fleet...because I loved the look of the ships. What better reason is there ? Fridgey went down the RSN path. Their ships resemble the Macros saga ships from the cartoons in our long distant youth..... Basically he picked his fleet the same way I did.... He like the look of the ships. All highly

    That's about it for now. Will drop some pics when the fleet arrives.. Until then may your dice roll high and your paint not chip !      And if anyone one in the Adelaide S.A. area reads this who plays Firestorm, shoot us a comment . Would be happy to catch up for some death amongst the stairs !

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