Monday, 14 May 2012

    Have signed up to the "operation sealion" campainge on WWPD with our group. First rounds will be fired friday night. My british army will be defending our part of the home ilse's with the help of a gun happy contingent of russians. Its looking like our opposition will be from the ranks of SS Wiking division. Me thinks I smell the faint musk of car wee ??? Panther ? or maybe Tiger ? Guess we we will know friday night.
    I will be doing a battle report for WWPD, which I will post here. Its my first effort at it, so if its a bit crappy sorry. Hopefully they will get better. Had two warm up games last friday. Got carried away and completly forgot to take notes past turn one to do a report and took the camera to the club but left the battery for it in the charger on the kitchen bench. Will do better this week ! On the plus side I did win both games :)

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