Thursday, 10 May 2012

   Strangely enough the first real thing up is Napoleonics....Just arrived in the post, my new British foot and horse artillery batteries from Napoleon At War. These guys are 18mm and come boxed very similar to Flames of War box sets. (somones taking lessons methinks)
   The figures have a good amount of detail, which is very pronounced. Should paint up nicely. They fit reasonably well with AB 15mm figures, they just look a little better fed. Hieght wise there is not much in it. Side by side you can see it but based in units I dont think you would notice.
   As a plus in a three gun battery they give you four gun carrages, so you can have one on your limber as well.(nice touch) There is four 9lb barrels, four 6lb barrels and two howitzer barrels in the box. So you can make up any battery type you need, with barrels to spare for those extra gun carrages you have lying know you do !
   On the back of the box there is a handy little paint colour guide for what you need to paint with and a picture of one of the gunners to give you an idea of where the colours go. A nice idea for people new to Napoleonics but hardly a comprehensive painting
   Napoleon At War is probably as close as you can come to Flames of War for Napoleonics without getting sued. The marketing, scenarios and even the rules will feel vaguely familiar to any FOW gamer. Having only had the chance to play one game so far. I am undecided wether its a success. We did have fun and a few laughs but also found a few holes in the rules. They do have a forum, ala Flames of War. So we might be able to find some answers/errata there. Will see how the next game of it goes. Has promise to become our set Napoleonic rules of choice but FOG Napoleonics is on the way soon and will have to see ?

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