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                              1750pts Canadian vs Hungarian, Fair Fight

    After some hard fighting the 1st Battalion Princess Patricias' Canadian Light Infantry where withdrawn from the Somerset area of operations, barley escaping encirclement. The Battalion has moved into the Gloucester area to help halt the German push and maybe relieve the somerset pocket.
    The Battalion deployed to an area of farmland and rolling hills to prepare defencive positions. Maj McKinley's B Company were sent to provide security for some of the Battalions A/T guns and P Bty 14th RCA, as they moved into the area. At the same time Maj McKinley took the opportunity to do a first hand recce of the area, and a spot of grouse shooting with Capt Doyle his 2IC.

                                                        The quiet English country side.
     At that point Maj McKinley heard the rumble of tank engines and the clank of tracks....Hungarian tanks ! The Hungarian's had made a breakthrough and in true Germanic style had pushed all they could manage into the breach in our lines. Immediately Maj McKinley sent runners with orders to 1 troop, P Bty  and his 1st Pltn on his left flank to prepare for offensive operations. On the right flank a Pltn of 6 pdr A/T had been deploying into a wood to cover the cross road, surely a vital location on this soon to be battlefield. Just then, with all the timing of the old cowboy cavalry B troop, 2 Squadron of the Fort Gary Horse rolled onto the right flank.. With this small force he hunkered down with Capt Doyle to face the coming storm, and hope reinforcements could reach them in time !

                                                  Old friends from the Fort Gary Horse.
    The Hungarians deployed a 149mm Bty on the left flank and attempted to dig them in without much success. In the centre three panthers advanced toward Maj McKinleys' position. Unperturbed he continued to organise his defences and position. It was going to take careful timing but his boys had dealt with these beasts before besides, the RAF had promised some Tiffys if things got too hot.
The ground around the panthers erupted, announcing the entry of 1 trp to the battle. On the right B trp FGH sped forward with the intent to cut across behind the advancing Hungarians and cut them off from follow on forces. The infantry of 1st Plt advance down the left flank to close on the Hungarian Bty.
                                                     The FGH scooting down the right.
A few 149mm rounds splash down amongst the gunners of 1 Trp but it would take more than this to stop the "trail apes" from servicing the guns. The panthers continued to bear down on Maj McKinley's position, spraying the area with MG fire. Maybe over confident at coming through the bombardment of 1 Trp untouched they advanced too far unsupported and had exposed their flanks to the troops on the right. An A/T gunner in the woods saw this opportunity and squeezed off an optimistic round at them, which missed well wide. Much to the jeers of his comrades. B Trp FGH also saw this chance to brew a panther or two. Two tanks slewed left and opened fire at the panthers flanks, destroying one and forcing the crew to bail out of a second. As fortune would have it a pair of Tiffys were lurking around. The smoke from the brewed panther attracted their attention. Swooping out of the sky like giant birds of prey they let loose a salvo of rockets, obliterating the bailed panther. The remaining tank thought better of his location and promptly left the field of battle. Maj McKinley promised the pilots a bottle of the finest brandy for their help...
                                                 The panthers closing on Maj McKinley.
                                                   The results of the FGH and Tiffys.
    A lone turan II led two nimrod AA tanks in a gallant attack on B Trp FGH on the right flank as a Plt of zrinyi assault guns arrived and made their way at best speed to help. It was to no avail, as the tanks of B Trp made short work of this lone turan warrior and one of the nimrods. The other nimrod made his escape from the field of battle amongst the smoke of his burning comrades. The 1st Plt infantry continued to close on the Hungarian Bty through the orchard on the left. A sniper had managed to infiltrate to the rise in front of the Bty and was making life uncomfortable for the Hungarian gunners. A Trp FGH arrived at this time on the left flank  and prepared to advance to support 1st Plt.
                                                 The sniper team engaging the gunners.
                                                                 Death of a warrior.
    B Trp FGH have little time to dwell on thier success down the right as they come under heavy fire from the 149mm Bty and zrinyi Plt. This maelstrom of fire leaves only the firefly alive, who promptly decides this is no longer the place to be and retreats. Unexpectedly the Luftwaffe make an appearance and engage the 6pdr Plt that had mounted and advanced to support B Trp FGH. Following this attack the A/T guns dismount again only to be engaged by the advancing zrinyis. The power of the 105mm guns is to much for the flimsy gun shields and they destroy the A/T Plt nearly to a man.
1st Plt push forward on the left to engage the 149mm Bty and are engaged by the Hungarian CO's turan II. Thinking better of the hopes of glory they stay in the relative safety of the orchard. A Plt of Hungarian infantry and three turan II arrive in the wood to the front of 1st Plt. Only to be bombarded by P Bty RCA, whose second Trp had arrived and deployed with 1 Trp. A second 6pdr Plt arrived on the right and engaged the zrinyis, destroying two of them and breaking the fighting spirit of the last.

                                                                 The fate of B Trp.
                                            1st Plt bravely holding position in the orchard.
    The 6pdr Plt push down the right flank to achieve the objective of cutting the advance off. The combined fire of P Bty, 1st Plt and A Trp FGH finish the 149mm Bty and turan II Plt. I a desperate effort to keep their attack going the Hungarian infantry charge out of the woods only to be gunned down by the MGs of B Trp's Sherman's. A last ditch effort of a lone Stuka to stop the A/T Plt destroys the commanders carrier but fails to stop them setting up in a position to bring an end to this Hungarian attack.
B Trp FGH taking the surrender of the Hungarian infantry commander.

    After a hard fight B Company, 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry have managed to halt the Hungarian armoured thrust. Unfortunately once again the tankers of the Fort Gary Horse have paid a heavy price for the sterling support they provided. Doubts are starting to rise about the armour protection offered by their American designed mounts. Alas there is little other suitable vehicle available at this time. Again B Company have shown their mettle in the face of the enemy and done their Battalion and King proud.......

Canadian 5 - 2 victory 

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